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This is our first month trading as just Joopy Gems in Hong Kong and whilst I am sad that we had to close our USA office, I am also excited about being back in closer contact with all of our customers again. Last uear was definitely a funny old year, and I know from conversations I had that everyone in the industry struggled from the big suppliers down to artisan makers. In light of that I am pledging to do everything I can to keep prices down and affordable. It is tough because we are dealing with a finite resource and so generally speaking the price of things only ever goes up, but my promise to you is that I will be doing my best to cut margins as much as possible, whilst still maintaining quality standards.

This is always a funny time of year as it is the big Tuscon show followed by Chinese new year, and things do shut down for 2-3 weeks. So I'll be doing some restocks after then, but this month new we have some really gorgeous freeform rutile quartz cabochons, some freeform aquamarines and some new beads. I'll be madly listing turquoise freeforms as well over the next few days so look out for those. This month I am offering a discount on our tourmaline bi-colour rose cuts and it's double loyalty points!


I absolutely love this material. Endlessly fascinating; endlessly varied, each piece is unique, from the fine angel-hair inclusions to the thick, flat needles that look like straw. I've got a few of these pieces and at some point I'm going to get them made up with some yellow and brown diamonds. There's a big choice, from large to small, round, pears ovals and oblongs.


This month it's all double points, so if you don't have an account, why not sign up? You'll get 1000 diamond points for opening an account and then 2 diamond points for every dollar you spend. You'll get 400 points on your birthday (if we have that info, and if it's this month!) and then 50 each for following and sharing us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Plus if you refer a friend, you get 200 points and they get a 15% discount coupon. You can exchange points for spending coupons or store credit; $5 for every 500 points!

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All of my calibrated bi-colour tourmaline rose cuts are on a 20% discount this month. These are gorgeous and popular stones and with this discount they are bound to go fast! I have rounds, ovals and pears in sizes from 4mm - 7mm. The discount will be automatically applied; you will see it in your basket.


A good selection of this stone, so popular in this cut. I have both milky and clean options and they really are stunning. A good choice of shapes, sizes, and clarity.


In my own little tilt towards Pantone's colour of the year, I have added these really gorgeous amethyst beads. On the left, carved like arum liliies, these are larger, at around 2-3cm long and a deep, velvety purple. On the right, smaller and lighter, we have shimmering flower beads, darker on the petals and paler in the body. These are proving really popular, and at the price, you can afford to go to town. More beads coming this month.

Also seen this month...

The Jewelry Editor has a piece on Pantone's colour of the year, Ultraviolet. This ushers in an opportunity for humble amethyst to shine. Underrated and (possibly) overused in commercial jewellery, it's increasingly finding its way into larger, more high-end pieces, like the Van Cleef & Arpels Secret de Cassis necklace (left). Those big, juicy amethysts look edible! They also have a story on 'right hand rings; new on me, that term, these are maybe better known as 'cocktail rings'   JCK news has an article on coming trends for the year, from the Paris fashion shows and a follow-up of that fascinating story about the mis-sold diamond on the cruise ship. Ding ding! Round three by the sounds of it. GIA have this month shared their very useful ruby inclusions chart, and I was interested to read their piece on a family of virtuoso master-cutters in Idar-Oberstein As for me I have exciting news, in that I have signed up for the GIA's continuing education programme, to make sure I stay up-to-date and knowledgable on all things gem.


*Both offers end midnight February 28th 2018 EST.